Using MySQL to save and query JSON documents

mysql> INSTALL PLUGIN mysqlx SONAME '';
mysqlsh -u username your_database
mysql-js> db = session.getSchema("your_database");
mysql-js> db.createCollection("YourCollection");
mysql-js> db.YourCollection.add({_id: "oba", name: "OneBitAhead"})
Query OK, 1 item affected
mysql-js> db.YourCollection.find("_id = 'oba'")
[{_id: "oba", name: "OneBitAhead"}]
1 document in set
mysql-js> db.TableA.insert("id", "name") values ("oba", "OneBitAhead");mysql-js>["id", "name"]).where("id = 'oba'");
1 row in set



The tech staff of OneBitAhead GmbH, putting the web stack to work. Here to discuss daily bits & bytes. #javascript #nodejs #webcomponents #rdbms #php

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